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Sunday, November 14, 2010

15-11-2010 Mama & "Short" update

Just expressed my envy to a friend of mine
Aleap Omar
since he is so damn free
and he can update 11 posts in just 2 days.
As a result,
this is what I got from him:

and for those who don't know who he is

Comment from Aliff Mukhtar in facebook about this picture:
byk btol gmba couple korg kn


That's all about my latest brief update.
I hope Mei Le sees it.


  1. Yeah now I think back, our couple pic really got a lot eh . . hahaha

  2. ha ha ha u know! i think they are more than what u and mei le hav! lol

  3. cant agree more with true. wat is the meaning of this, shinda88? hmph. u should mian bi si guo. bong, i think aliff has a love destiny with u la. all ur couple pictures are so...intriguing.

  4. well Mei Le, seriously i did nothing but just being friendly and kind to a good friend. but it seems like....aliff always gives me 'something' more than just!


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