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Saturday, November 6, 2010

06-11-2010 Mama & Graduation Part 1

Hola my loyal readers..
While my BFF Blair and Serena just got into Columbia 2 months ago,
Here I am writing this post
cant wait to graduate from University of Technology PETRONAS.

Of course,
not to forget to mention
I have my own "must-do list" before I graduate as well.
Besides moving into another room
and sleeping with 2 guys at the same time every night,
there is another task that I have just accomplished...
-ICT BIS Course Dinner-

Back in 2007
We didn't have our own transport at that time.
Thanks UTP for providing us UTP bus.

My pretty course mate Mei Fang

Another gorgeous course mate Li Li

The girls

After reviewing dinner in 2007,
now I wonder where were Anderson and Jane.
Eileen and Jason didn't attend if not mistaken.

My friends and I didn't change much actually,
even the poses are similar...



Here are some other great pics
Thanks to all talented photographers of the night

Looks like Gossip Girl casts in red carpet event

My dream: to have girl friend and boy friend at the same time! lol
Dream comes true....wkakak!

Credit to Jane and Li Li

Credit to Izzam

BIS rocks! in the dinner...and also the club!

That's all for part 1.
1 down, more pending tasks to go
(Gossip Girl UTP version poster)


  1. Bong, you look so adorable in those pictures.
    Nice update!

  2. wow ur coursemate Mei Fang looks cute n pretty. =)

  3. Thanks to the first anonymous...
    to the second anonymous...i got nothing to say


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