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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

03-05-2011 Mama & Kota Bharu Trip

this is supposed to be a trip with coursemates last year
just the same like Taman Negara trip
I ended up going alone...
but it isn't really a bad thing.

Kota Bharu is one of the places that I want to visit
for my '5 years stay' in East Coast of Malaysia
This trip can basically divided into two

A visit to a travel guy who retired in Kota Bharu
Before we met,
i only know that he likes to travel(just like I do)
and therefore..
i thought he is..
u know,
not that rich.. :)
But when I arrived at his home

little lake (Top) and
little hut in the middle of the garden (Bottom)

He has 10++ turkeys at his little garden..

which makes me think whether those are for...
Christmas Eve???

One of his guest room
from the bed you can see swimming pool at outside~

Pathway to swimming pool

The main entrance

and the window of the kitchen

and not to forget,
He made me dinner!

Taste like the best homemade dinner I ever had (lately, lol~)

Wayang Kulit deco on the wall

His house is basically 75% surrounded by a river,
that's why he has a boat too~

Second day,
I met up with my girl friend,
Hum Xiao Min

and boy friend,
Aleap Omar

First time sitting in her car
(which obviously she was the driver~)
"That's why Xiao Min doesn't like candid pic!"

I was showing this face because..
HEY, I came all the way to visit you
and you are late to pick me up???

Independence Square

Wat Pothivihan(Reclining Buddha)

Had coconut while taking rest

Xiao Min's (Top)
Aleap's (Left)
Mine (Right)
* Obviously I am the most not wasting kind of person *
Best candidate for boy friend/husband okay?

Wat Machimarran Varran(Sitting Buddha)

Who got the best picture?
Aleap: You look tension in your body whatsoever!
Xiao Min: Too commercial...and I have seen this look over and over again...
Bong: Well, needless to say, theirs sucks. You got the best photo of the week!

Wat Phothikyan(Standing Buddha)

Lunch at Yati
Famous Ayam Percik

and also Nasi Kerabu

Pantai Sri Tujuh

Pengkalan Kubor

KB mall
remember this?

and I visited it~

All in all,
KB is a pretty cool place to visit.
Well, according to wikitravel
I still have a lot more haven't visited.
SO there might be another visit to KB!


**Couldn't upload all pictures here**
To see more
please check my facebook album


  1. Another nice post Bong, well done.
    Did you have fun with your boy friend and girl friend?

  2. It looks definitely fun!
    Bong + Aliff, Xiao Min must be laughing all the time~

  3. @ S: well, I much fun!

    @ Wei Han: hehe...She seemed more annoyed..wkka!

  4. suggest u go chiang mai eat dinner... the ken som steam fish=)

  5. Feny Ho Ah Moi, I don't even know u got your own blog. :)
    Btw, how far is it from KB to Chiang Mai?

  6. wa!!!!!!!!!! his house........ I also want to visit him d... ^^

  7. 色盲画家, seriously, it looks really insane! ha ha ha

  8. Aiyer~~~! So jealous de!!! =(

  9. why jealous? wkakaka...u can do it also~


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