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Thursday, April 26, 2012

27-04-2012 Bong & His Accident

 The car wasn't at this position actually
It was upside town
And I was stuck inside...
The door was locked,
the window glass was broken into pieces
and if I came out from the window,
my shirt should have some tiny glasses right?
Okay...I have to say
I couldn't recall back how I actually got out...
My cell phone 'went' into this dashboard and
everyone was like "we heard the vibration sound"
"BUT where the hell is the phone????"
The tire 
There was little fire as well
luckily someone who passed by,
 happened to (strangely) have a fire extinguisher with him
and he pulled out the fire..
Air bag was out as well
but I couldn't recall air bag popping right
in front of me too when the accident happened...
and what happened to me?
Little skin tearing off..
 and this little cut...
Thank god for making me still alive on this world..
after turning upside down for 2 times in my MyVi... :)
Task for tomorrow: 
Kerteh ECRO office
Here I am doing my work and blogging at the same time
before I go to have my body check...
Sometimes I do wonder how it feels like to be involved in an accident..
and now I did...
Just be very thankful that nothing happened to me (YET)
and I will only know any internal injury later on...
Now, time to see a doctor...

One more thing...
Did I speed? no...
What happened back then?
Seriously I didn''t know as well...


  1. ma, what happened to you?? u mabuk?

    1. ah din mabuk la..swt swt swt
      seriously i dun know what happened also~

    2. adui, then where it happened? ur tis blog is new 1 is it? y the updates nvr appear in my wall dy?

    3. this happened yesterday...
      not new la..i changed the domain name dy...long time ago~

  2. 大難不死,必有後福!你的好運要來啦!

  3. Omg I just saw this... Glad that u r alright~ Take care!

    1. okay; luckily i am alright...the accident was pretty bad...:(

  4. Looks bad, dude. Be careful!

    1. hehe...dah careful...but still happened///


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