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Friday, August 10, 2012

10-08-2012 Bong & Phuket Part 2

After resting enough in the hotel
for the first day,
I was more than excited to walk around Phuket in day 2...
Woke up around 11
and had my lovely local thai curry brunch
Besides the poster that you can see in my previous post
they actually had this
"mobile siren ad" for the thai boxing all around Patong beach area
After lunch,
went to Jungcelon because it was really too hot staying outside
-Nice big yacht for fountain show-
Huh? what's there in between escalator??
Wow...Thais people are so creative..
they put the tissues that are for sale to save space..
And since it was Wednesday
I also watched one of my favorite movies 
that proudly being introduced by my friends in University
Watching movie in Thailand is always special...
because you have to stand up when they play the King's song :) 

After the movie..
we decided to walk a bit at the Patong beach
It was really sunny and 
you could see lots of people spending time at the beach
Had some snacks 
after feeling a bit tired walking too much~
My feet...
sexy, isn't it? lol~
Another purpose of going to the beach was 
to watch sunset actually~
Reminded me of my para-sailing experience in Bali
and also my travelmates...
that I would never followed anymore
See Malaysian Flag??
and Norway Flag! 
ha~ reminded me of my Norway trip as well
walking on the beach also made me emo :(
flying in the sky~
My friend said I always like to take pictures of 'pattern' stuff
Do you guys agree? 
Okay...closer to sunset now..
Spotted someone playing kite
To me it was really an ugly kite..
the design was too simple..ha!
Nice sunset~
Thais playing beach volleyball
Ready to start another crazy night?