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Saturday, July 30, 2011

30-07-2011 Mama & His visitor from Russia

before I post about my detailed Jakarta trip,
I have to post this one first
or else I would have more and more pending posts...

His name is
Dmitry Sivenkov
But I remember that he asked me to call him
(May be Russian pronunciation is different from English/Malay)

A super cool guy I must say
and his hitchhiking experience really inspired me..
I hope I can do that in future too~
He was teaching me how to hold a crab
and he said 'hold it firmly'
but I held it too firm until it broke...
That's why he came up with a name for me that morning
Curry Mee breakfast at Paka before saying goodbyeeee

To Siew Ting,
as promised I will share with you the price of the food in Kertih
just to show you how expensive it is...
Anyway, this is one BIG exceptional case

Roasted duck rice that I have bought at Paka
(about 10 minutes drive from my home)
Add rice + fried egg
and the taste is above average too
Guess how much it is?



  1. Wow Timah...~~
    I guessed it's RM6~!~!! correct ma? hahaha

  2. Chang Hua, I think my blog post can be something about guessing game also dy...Anyway,this time around no software to help you...hiak hiak, well the answer is close :)

  3. LMAO @ Crab breaker!

  4. @ Cally....u x pernah pergi Kertih also...macam mane u boleh estimate correctly leh? WRONG! wkaakaka

  5. huhu~ who are u J.EmL?
    anyway, Wrong too....but close also ;)
    RM 4.50 i think is way too cheap dy.
    Is ADD rice + ADD one fried egg yea...

  6. Wendie...RM 7.50 too expensive dy. wkakakkaka...u focus on that leng cai enough d...:)

  7. RM 5? Standard Kertih price~ Am I right?

  8. standard price is memang RM 5 la...but this one add rice add egg...original price i also dun know how much actually. I only know add rice is RM 4, so add rice + egg shud be RM 5 Barney got the right answer~

  9. That crab looks really cute!

  10. wow he can hold the chopsticks correctly! am impressed :)

  11. he got me teaching him ma..ahem ahem~ lol~

  12. haha, looks like i dun have to guess and the answer is out!! anyway it's really expensive lo!!!!

  13. that's the cheapest food i can find in Kertih leh!

  14. Dima (or Timah) gone to heaven. RIP

  15. Dima (or Timah) gone to heaven. RIP

    1. I am sure he has! he was a fantastic man!


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