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Friday, May 17, 2013

17-05-2013 Bong & Korea Third Post

After eating kukhwabbang,
We walked around Gwanghwamun area..
Saw this funny and interesting billboard of
"Blushing Monalisa" 
Not sure what filming they were doing~
Then we went to visit this museum (free entrance)
"The Story of King Sejong"
 I felt like I had entered world of Matrix at first

And after coming from a King's musuem
we saw this
"I am a King" booth~
And of course we went to queue immediately!
 Too bad the costume wasn't a complete set with shoes..
My green shoes kinda spoiled the whole feel of the picture..
But It was FREE anyway~ :)
 Next stop that we went from Gwanghwamun was Mojeongyo Bridge~

 And from that bridge,
we walked until Cheongyecheon-ro

At night,
We wanted to take a bus from the place we stayed 
to visit something that can only be visited at night~
 But we couldn't find the bus we wanted to take
So, we decided to take the subway
It was packed at Hongyik university station on Saturday night~
So, where were we going?
Stay tuned..


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