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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

14-05-2013 Bong & Korea Second Post

After meeting up Pek Kee for lunch
and also exchanging money at a GOOD rate with her
 Time to leave these excitements behind
and start explore for new excitement!

On our way to go for first visiting place..
Hm..Where would it be?
Yes it was Gyeongbok-gung!!!
Accessible via subway Gyeongbokgung or Gwanghwamun
First of all,
took pictures with the man in traditional guard outfits~
 Really cool!
 Stilll very proud of myself
for taking this candid picture!

 Watched the royale changing of the guard ceremony
around 2pm

 Not to forget
I still managed to watch Sakura in the palace too..
not too much, but still ..
that was my first time seeing, touching, feeling REAL sakura!!

 Inside the palace...
Cute teacher with cute students..
 Underground tunnel???
all kind of pretty flowers made the surroundings more breathtaking~

 Romantic right? 
 Old Korean Train
 and other old centuries stuffs
 It was actually mirror...
if you look carefully~
 Witnessed Korean wearing their traditional clothes as well
Really beautiful~
Came out from the palace
and tried our first recommended street food

 I forgot what it is called...
but there is red bean stuffing inside if I remember it correctly

To be continued

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