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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

04-12-2013 Bong & Korea Tenth Post (His lucky free ride and Jeju Manjanggul Cave)

This is the backpacker hostel that we stayed at~
Breakfast included with toasts, tea and coffee~
Locates very near to the airport and Jeju city area~
We were lucky enough to get a free ride to Jeju Manjanggul Cave on that day..
If we were to take public transport like we originally planned to,
I guess it would take us at least 2 hours to get there
instead of only 45 minutes by this free ride
Too bad I didn't take a photo of this nice guy
I chatted with him a bit the night before actually..
and he was very helpful trying to get information that I needed 
On our way I realized our destination wasn't really on his way back to Seoul.
So he was really really kind enough to send us all the way there~
After that,
we walked to our destination which was just nearby~
Kimnyoung Maze Park~
CFC!! I miss you..
and our trip too~
and not to forget,
i miss Jui Boon too
and what a 'precious' lovely picture he had ever taken for me

To be continued


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