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Friday, December 20, 2013

20-12-2013 Bong & His Kongsvinger Trip Final Part

 After enjoying the delicious Mousakka, 
it was time for some nice drinking~
Anders bought this Tequila at Sweden
and he taught me how to drink it in a nice way~
First, with salt..
 Pour a tiny bit ...
 Then lemon,
cut it into small slices~
 Drink the small cup of tequila~
 After drinking it straight down to your throat,
take the salt then
bite and sip the lemon...
 The next day...
we woke up kinda late 
because we were feeling so headache after a few tequila shots~
 The modern kind of fireplace to keep the house warm

That's all about my trip to Kongsvinger..
Not sure when will be my next trip there
but... no one can tell about future :)
Thanks Anders!



  1. I love your diaries, they always tell a story! My favorites were the mousaka and the last of two handsome guys at the end.

    1. hehe... i am not handsome :) but thanks~

  2. That brand of tequila is just shit, it's unknown in Mexico

    1. thanks for telling me. :)
      but the most important thing is learning how to drink tequila :)


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