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Saturday, July 26, 2014

26-07-2014 Bong & His Gothenburg Trip Part 2 (Universeum)

Oh I love these fishes
so cute~
Next were two creatures that I hate the most
I do not understand
why they would make up a scene like that
It was real creepy to me..
See the snake at the corner?
Around 2pm..
the people started waiting for the food feeding show

But the show was in Swedish
So I didn't understand anything...
After watching the show, 
we went out to a brighter part of Universeum~
This was actually real
and HUGE
Then we reached a more intellectual part 
of Universeum~
Another pic of me
just in case some readers complain there is no picture of me 
Poor little kid
who was tortured by their parents 
may be? lol~
See her reluctant kind of face
That's all from the Universeum~
A city with a dinosaur in the middle of it


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  1. Nice and not soo Nice hehehe,thanks Bong


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