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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

30-09-2015 Bong & His Trip to Iceland (From flying to landing)

It was my first time
taking Icelandair~
and also,
my first time taking a flight
with aurora inside~

We departed from Oslo Gardemoen around 3pm 
and landed at Keflavik International Airport around 4pm.
Flight was about 2.5 hours and Iceland is 2 hours behind Norway. 
The airport was...'slightly' smaller 
than Oslo Gardemoen Airport.
it is so far 
the smallest airport of a capital city that I have ever been to~
I thought Icelandic was supposed to be
not so very different from Norwegian...
But looking at that sign board,
it seemed like they have more alphabets than Norwegian~
We did not do much and 
only rested at our host, Andri's home the first day we arrived.
The second day was a BIG sunny day,
which was also perfect for touring around~
The first place that we went to
was Þingvellir/Thingvellir (In English).
It is a national park
and it became UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004. 
its historical story, geographical information
all can be found on net~
Not much writing here~
Let's my pictures do the talking/writing...

Don't you think
it like a cat shape frame? 
To be continued...



  1. the view there is so nice, by the way you are so lucky, keep travel make me felt jealous

    1. ha ha ha ha... dont feel jealous
      take it as motivation for u~


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