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Saturday, October 3, 2015

03-10-2015 Bong & His Trip to Iceland (From water to steam)

After visiting the rugged volcanic part,
Andri drove us to the other side,
which is the lake part~
At this side of the lake
there are many coins been thrown into it~
people always believe that 'wherever there is a lake, there is a wishing well'
I guess that's why
they put up this sign at other side of the lake
to 'prevent' it from becoming another wishing well...
The whole place is so majestic
and breathtaking~
That's why it is worth to capture its beauty 
with helicopter camera~
Old church
at þingvellir
After visiting the lake,
we went down..
passing by Silfra Canyon,
which is a very famous snorkeling & scuba diving place~
With only around 15 degrees,
there were not that many people doing scuba diving or snorkeling~
We walked a bit 
around the lake area~
then took some pictures...
Then we left this beautiful
national park~
to somewhere
with steam...

To be continued....


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