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Monday, November 23, 2015

23-11-2015 Bong & His Miss Out Netherlands Post (Rijksmuseum Twenthe)

My first time landed on Amsterdam
was not this trip but a transit long time ago..
back in 2012...
This time I really had the chance to go out from the airport
and see this beautiful country~
it actually happened last year though...

in the first conference that 
I participated in Enschede~
One of the agenda of the conference
was to tour us around~
And they brought us to
"Rijksmuseum Twenthe"
In the main room,
they showed us the wonderful lamps
made by glasses~
Not to forget,
art pieces during the exhibition too~
This reminded me
more like the trick eye museum kind of art~
Why a white spot
on this man's ass?
Lol~ ART!
And of course,
nudity can always be artistic too~
Not to forget,
art pieces that
were hard to be understood~
Proper things 
cannot be art~ 
So art pieces must look like that! Lol!
this is a real art piece to me...
look at how amazing the details are?
I never knew that
b**bs could look
like these~
To be continued...


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