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Thursday, April 7, 2011

08-04-2011 Mama & His Taman Negara (National Park) Trip

Hi again
finally I am "physically" okay to blog about this trip
After coming back from there
my body was just all painful and tired...
couldn't even type on keyboard for more than 10 minutes
because my arms hurt!

So, on thursday 31-03-2011
I picked up Janne at Kerteh
and we both took off to Kuantan to stay overnight there!
He had a really bad stomach that night
So the food that I ordered for 2 persons

ended up I one person finished it all up~

The next morning we departed to Kuala Tahan,
which is the headquarter for Taman Negara.
We didn't do much for the first day
Just planned what we were gonna do the next day.

These are what we did for the following days
-Crossing from Kuala Tahan to HQ (RM 1 per way)-

-Canopy Walk-

Have to keep distance of at least 5 meters between one another

The swedish family behind me~

Climbing up!

Janne on the canopy walk~

Mama on the canopy walk!

and after the walk~

-Bukit Teresek-

Well, it says another 800m from the canopy walk
but we ended up walking for almost 1 hour before we reached there

-Jungle trekking to the hide for 7 hours (one way)-

Before we departed

Along the way...

Leeches were all over the trek

and the treks were really dangerous

Tiny and slippery~


Trees blocking my way...

The butterflies LOVED me...

Another one!
I guess I just smell good naturally! wkakak

At the bridge to Kuala Terenggan

-Staying overnight at the Kumbang hide and watching wildlife-

Janne's feet after the 7 hours trekking

The hide

The german friends

The very cute american 'boy'

The view from the hide

Ah, now I know why the trekking was so tiring
even though it was just 11 kilometers
because we have climbed up and down for more than 631 meter!!!!

My bed (MYR 5)

-Riding boat back from Kuala Terenggan to Kuala Tahan
(MYR 50)-

-Dining at the floating restaurant-

-The little chalet that we stayed-
-Durian Chalet (MYR 20 per person per night)-

At the pathway to our chalet
surrounded by greensss

Another kind of chalet

Gorgeous looking flowers, plants, insects, etc..
that Mei Le would LOVE a lot..

I love this one...
Blue color leaves~

and this is how they 'transfer' stuffs
from the jetty into the jungle~

Welcome you in all kind of languages
but asks you not to enter!

A television in the middle of the jungle???

not to forget
pose sexily in the jungle!

-Final picture before goodbye hugs-

That's all about the entire trip!
I did have lots of fun..
but don't think I will be going there again in anytime soon~


  1. @ Cyang: u got read or not? =.=||| but good thing is...u long time din come as first congraz to u!

  2. come 1st got prize ar? lol
    i was thinking wan to go but when i saw the leaches n that guy's leg i takut liao

  3. of coz.....
    NO prize!
    u can use those repellent thing...but still it can come ! haiz...

  4. i suspect u use lotion or sunblock that has the fragrant to attract butterflies. lol.
    The food seems nice.
    but the trip is definitely not my type.. i love city~~ not sun, not jungle and definitely not bugs. haha

  5. Wei Han, seriously i didnt put on anything...those butterflies just came to me when I wanna take their photos...
    well, this trip is just another experience i wanna type...very wide range one...wkaka!


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