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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

29-06-2016 Bong & From Oslo to Stranda

Our summer trip started with
amazing weather~
Arne drove 
and I only had to sit (hehe~)
Passed by this thing that
Arne doesn't even know what it is~
This time we didn't use E6
But we used 15 to go to west coast~
See the green digital sign
on the mirror?
'W' stands for west~
We were in the right direction....Lol!
Our first break was at this place~
Just like all other places in Norway except those big cities...
nice view...
breathtaking scenery~
After a short break
with coffee and little pastry~
we continued the journey...
The surroundings started
moving into more mountains
and hilly landscape~
we were at west coast now!
Silage in white bags (rundballer in norwegian)
look like marshmallows, don't you agree?
Driving more uphills,
we saw that the snows on the mountains 
were not melted~
We stopped at this place as well
for Arne to take a break
and of course,
for me to take pictures of this wonderful place~
Driving to west coast
drives through
a lot of tunnels...
And most of them
are like this...
One last stop before
we reached Stranda!
Driving through more
and hills,
finally we saw the sign board
To be continued....


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