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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

04-01-2012 Bong & Paris Chapter 1

Reached Paris in the morning.
and my race started right away~
I didn't have much time in Paris to be honest
That's why the whole trip was more like a race...
Started by leaving Paris Orly Sud airport using train
Transitted somewhere 
and spotted this double decker train!
Dropped off at 

Coming out from the Metro,
I saw this 'interesting' advertisement.

Followed the sign
standing right in front of my first stop!


Following what was written in Wikitravel
I followed its suggestion to walk to my next stop
Walked in Paris city
and passed by numerous of high-end fashion house

but since I was in 'kind of like a race' trip,
I had no time to visit any of them~
Along the way,
I could already feel the Christmas vibe!
I reached my second stop
~Eiffel Tower~
I never thought that I would be standing below
or in front of this spectacular monument this year~
Especially when I just visited another Western Country, Australia this year.
Everething of this city just seemed so beautiful to me
because there were like statues
 everywhere ~

- To be continued-


  1. Yeahh! first to comment! i wan to take pic wiv eiffel tower!

  2. ha ha ha ha.....with air asia..ur dream will come true!

  3. the last picture wasnt ur act of vandalism hor? lol

  4. order to create such artistic pic...of course i have to...commit a bad act! lol..joking~ of course not me~

  5. i miss the Metro. :( very enjoy o you Bong~

  6. @ yenPing: ha~ not like u kut...u enjoyed there much earlier than i did :)

    @ MacV: Thanks Thanks~ It was...but not the currency part~

  7. to be continued?! this is so potong post plz~

  8. @goch: ha ha ha....of course la...lazy wanna put everything in one post. Like that also quite a lot of pics already~

  9. inspired by ur post,
    i am posting a post slightly related to ur post. haha.

  10. ha ha ha...yea 'slightly'
    not sure what you wrote is commenting good or bad side of me? wkakaka


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