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Monday, July 4, 2016

04-07-2016 Bong & Stranda

We arrived at Stranda
after 7-8 hours of driving
from Oslo~
We were then invited to Lars' place
for dinner~
The house is located up on the hill...
so accompanying us eating the dinner,
was the nice view of Stranda!
We could even see the red tent
of ours~
After the dinner
and a few hours of chit chat there,
we walked down the hill
to where we stayed.
The 'center' area of Stranda
was quiet...
We walked a bit there,
then headed back to Stranda Feriesenter
which was where we rent a camping place for ourselves~
The camping place
costed 190 Kroner per night~
and the shower costed 10 Kroner for 4 minutes~
(Interesting right? Lol)
Besides camping plass,
they do have some hytta (cabins)
but we were too late to book one~
So we built up our tent
right beside where we parked the car~
Red car red tent! Lol!!
The place has a shared kitchen
where the people stay there can cook food
(Eating out in Norway is extremely expensive!!)
But note that,
there is no fridge there~
Otherwise the kitchen is kinda good....
Shower is the part that is
not so very good.
You must pay to use shower, 
or more like use the hot water
(In Norway it is impossible to take cold
And the machine is kinda stupid.
Once you insert the card,
you use up 10 Kroner and it only gives you 4 minutes
of hot water~
Come on! 4 minutes!!
We did buy 20 Kroner,
but not sure if we get more than 8 minutes..
or just 2 times of 4 minutes~
this part is kinda nice...
bathrooms and toilets for kids!!!
To be continued...


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