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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

23-10-2013 Bong & His Sunny Copenhagen Trip (Part 6)

What's so special about these horses?
See their hooves~
CRAZY big~
Tasted this meat ball...
Well, may be chinese meat ball tastes better?
This danish meat ball tasted a bit too plain for me~
Then my friend brought me to this so called
the most brownish pub in Copenhagen 
Why is it so brownish? 
Because people can smoke inside the pub~
After leaving the pub,
I felt like so much more refreshing
because I could breath some fresh air
I am not sure about the name of this area, 
but there is a lot of cheap lunch buffets in this area...
went into another pub after buying danish rye bread~
Halloween theme was already in ready mode~
and was a gay pub~
Yummy! Sandwiches made from danish rye bread~ 
City Hall
Outside City Hall, there were people having anti-government campaign~
Soon will be my first Halloween in a western country..
Looking forward!
Copenhagen central station~
Very old building
A bit more walk in the city before we headed back to the ferry
and see what I spotted?
or even gay shop?
Seems like Copenhagen is really a much bigger and busier city than Oslo
Anyway, time to say Goodbye~
See you again soon, 
I hope~



  1. The food made me hungry and the Men's Shop got me wondering (LOL), the Pubs seem dark and smokey. The buildings are so artistic and the Church of Denmark is amazing architecture! Enjoying your journeys in Denmark. Great job!


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