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Friday, November 24, 2017

24-11-2017 Bong & His First Faculty Family Day + Christmas PARTY

I have joined 
the family of Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus (HiOA)
since 2015 as an employee
But this year is my first time joining the 'biggest'
work event in Norway,
it means Christmas Party in norwegian.
For our faculty,
we combined the 'family day' with the Christmas party.
The event started with lunch....
then some entertainment, presentation,
and group work....
My group made this table decoration,
and proudly to say,
though I couldn't contribute to the light stuffs,
it was me who made, cut most of the deco part!
The day event stopped at 5pm,
and everyone had one hour to change to their dinner dress.
That also gave time to the committee and working staffs
time to change the settings of family day
to this pretty Christmas party!!
you would probably wonder what kind of food we got
for the party...
2 glasses of wine. 
White wine to the starter, 
which was salmon,
and red wine to the main course,
which was ribbe. 
Coffee was served together with the dessert, 
which was norwegian 'rice cream' with some 'cherries'.
Sadly to say, the food was just so-so...
After the dinner,
the dining place was then cleared up
to make into this dance floor.

I left pretty early so I didn't know
how this event ended.
This is my first big and 'proper' julebord
with the university college colleagues,
and I am looking forward for my next one,
probably with better arrangement which allowed me to stay until the very end!


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