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Monday, November 16, 2009

17-11-2009 Cone Pizza

chatting with Amer in Gmail..
and he reminded me to update my blog I am now
writing for Amer..
for Jia Haur
for Anderson
for everyone
today wanna blog about..

pusing2 to warm up Haur's car...
originally I suggested to go to this Cone Pizza that recommended by Jimmy..
but then...we all were clueless about where it is ..
so...already dumped that idea out of our minds
"Eh, Cone Pizza is here!"
Anderson spotted it!

The food was quite nice actually...
Price also...So So..
and what I like the most is...
they have this customer feedback form...
which they 'claim' that they can use to improve themselves..

Haur + Cone Pizza

Anderson + Garlic Bread (very nice) + Mushroom soup

"Wei..why took so many pics one! *%@#@#"

Cone Pizza and the couple's hand

the garlic bread

How to get there: No: 35, Jalan 46B/26, Taman Sri Rampa, 53300 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
For more information, please check out its website:

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