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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

19-11-2009 Tarot Night

Just applied for my monthly paid leave
Yay...gonna be resting at home tomorrow...
since i never really rested for all my past weekends..

Just had dinner with Anderson and Haur last night
and was invited to play this Tarot cards..
which can answer a question that u wanna ask..
of course...
same like other 21 y/o teen
3 of us all asked the same question
(not sure they just followed mine, or they were really interested to know theirs)
the answers I got wasn't that great
but for me...that wasn't that bad after all...
1) I am always positive minded
2) That just sounded like what I want...
So I am Cool with it(Steal Haur's copy right)

As explained by that friendly guy,

This is who I am (towards relationship stuff)

This is my past~

My present one..

My Future...

Anyway...just find this kind quite interesting
and it was my first time trying out Tarot
before that didn't believe in it at all
but now...just taking it more like a guidance of life
=) is quite cool to me
especially when I could try out for free

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