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Friday, March 12, 2010

13-03-10 Mama going to Bali

another 24 hours from now
Mama will be at LCCT waiting for the flight to Bali already...
but so far haven't prepared anything yet
already bought
that can protect sexymama
-play safe-
under the sun

**purposely took the picture of this thing at the window**
**because didn't want to make my roommate awake**

Yesterday JA asked me a very interesting question
now let me return the question back to A and B
is it because I am busy?
or just...
I don't feel the difference because we are still chatting online?
I am just not that significant anymore??
or just like what JH said...
I was rejected coz my hole not tight enough?
whatever it is..
let me come back from this Bali trip first~



  1. Really happy that you will be playing safe :P
    Wouldn't want you to become totally Well...i didn't call you because your phone connection there is so bad ;) And because i always just called you when you told me it was ok first. I am pretty sure your hole is tight enough, so i will call you. Now that you told me in chat that i can call any time...i sure will. Just not while you are in Bali...that could give you a bad phone bill ;)

  2. Welcome home from Bali. Hope you had a GREAT time there :) And...hope to chat with you again soon. Missed seing you online every day ;)

  3. Thanks Tommy =)
    Lots of fun in Bali
    but tired
    and busy with studies again~


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