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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

24-06-2010 Bye Cambodia it is
2 more hours before I am sitting on a boat
cruising Mekong Delta to Chao Doc (Border of Cambodia and Vietnam)
the boat costs me USD 13,
but include lunch on the boat,
and some shits~

So, a quick review about my trip in Cambodia
I really have to leave this place fast because
(1) I don't have much time left before my flight back to Kuala Lumpur from Ho Chi Minh City
(2) Most of the things here are kinda expensive..
coz everything is in USD
sexymama is not that rich..
it is just a budget trip
if i wanna spend more days here
just like what Khlok(a cambodian friend in campus) said to me
I have to sell my butt on the street dy

Anyway, it is really interesting here
compare to Thailand,
Cambodia is like a village
no offense..
the people go to sleep around 10pm
and wake up around 5am
and of course, their sunrise and sunset are much earlier than Malaysia's too

So..what I wanna highlight here:
(1) Angkor Archaeological Park
It is really really nice
but of course also depends on what your interest is
----------normally my post is kinda short, but Ms Wendy told me to write it long-------------
if you do not like to see monument, stones..these kind of things
1 day pass is enough for u,
just focus on those main things
I bought a 3 day pass and visited almost everything
(USD 40)
so it was quite worth it
Pics are available in my FB
Click Here (pic 115-170)

and one interesting conversation I heard while I was visiting Angkor Thom
Tourist A: they are just all stones with craving...
I don't know why the people was so excited about it
Tourist B:Nah, look at these stones
when you touch them,
they transform into stairs..
cool ya~
Tourist A and some other friends around them: =.=""""""

(2) Traffic in Cambodia
both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are the same
I dont know how to describe in words
but may be using pic is easier to understand
normal road in city/town in Malaysia is like that
but in Cambodia
it is like this

WTH %#^@%

The best gift I got from Siem Reap is
falling from a bicycle and
my lips became as sexy as Angeline Jolie's

time to say goodbye to Cambodia now
nice trip in Cambodia too
totally different experience =)
hope my lips and wounds below my nose will recover completely
before my flight back to Malaysia
see yar


  1. hahahaha sexy bong now having sexy lips~! wohoo~!@

  2. i always have sexy lips k?
    now is even sexier only

  3. LOL!!! cant stop laughing at ur lips!!!! - Fang~

  4. ya la...
    the next day i still went to visit angkor wat with the lips like that
    u can imagine how other visitors look at me..


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