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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

01-07-2010 Bye Vietnam

Bye Vietnam and welcome back to Malaysia
Ya..I am back to Malaysia now
just arrived home yesterday morning

For those who still don't know who I traveled with...
I was actually doing it alone
and for those who admire my courage..
A lot of friends told me it is really dangerous...
even one caucasian friend of mine also commented the same thing
but this is something I always want to do in my life..
and now I did it!
So I am really happy for myself
and I told my mom that I went alone too
no more secret to her...=)
see, I am actually a good boy!
ha ha!

and this is how I traveled from one place to another
From Malaysia to Thailand --> Use flight
From Thailand to Cambodia --> Use bus, cross the border on foot
From Cambodia to Vietnam --> Use boat, cross ..on the water lol!

Highlights about Vietnam..
well, the food there is really superb
but I wouldn't say it is the best out of three countries
because all are unique in their own ways...(quote from Nigel Barker)
but Vietnam is really like what I imagine
very 'vietnam'ish
the moment I stepped into Chao Doc ( border of Vietnam)
I saw the local with their fisherman hats,
their appearance..
that was so 'vietnam'ish !

From Chao Doc to Ho Chi Minh City,
normally the bus/minivan costs USD 9 for travelers
but...since mine was just a budget trip
I had to get the cheapest alternative
which is as below:

On my way to Ho Chi Minh City and I was sleeping in the minivan
then suddenly...
the door was opened by someone
and 3-4 vietnamese entered with some baskets in their hands
I was like...
"Is this robbery?"
I looked around,
including the car next to ours

then only I realized
They are just selling stuffs
see....that's why I said
very 'vietnam'ish right?

And in Ho Chi Minh City,
besides the normal stuffs like
visiting around,
trying all kind of local food,
I also spent USD 80 bucks
which is about RM 350
to have my first
laser teeth whitening
(According to some caucasian travelers, dental stuff is cheap in Vietnam)
This was my teeth before
kinda yellow'ish

but in this pic is under the light
so it still looked fine
(I asked my dentist to help me to take this pic)
the final result was quite satisfying
at least it is 'whiten' a few degree...
before u start
the dentist will show u what color your teeth are now
then after the laser whitening
u will see it is whitened to a whiter color

That's all for my SEA trip I guess
Next post is going to be about "D"
(D is someone that I met on my way back from Pattaya in the bus)
~Stay tune for D~

"Shareable" pic are available in My FB

Bye for now...
Mama needs some rest now =)


  1. white teeth. I wonder how it feels when I kiss on them?

  2. i wanna have a look at the Before and After pict of laser whitening

  3. @ Anonymous: U gotta tell me who u are before u can kiss on my new teeth =)

    @ Mei Le: U will see it soon =)
    be patient k?

  4. Bong, you look so cute in those pictures.
    Why didn't you invite me to join you?

  5. @ S: hehe, I wanted to do this trip by myself...=)
    well, we can go travel together next time


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