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Saturday, October 2, 2010

02-10-2010 Mama & Clubbing

* 2 years ago *
I was like that
innocent and naive

and never been to a club.
but I always wanted to
because it is like a goal that I must achieve during my university time
Then one night,
another innocent girl

brought me out for clubbing.
At the first few hours,
I felt extremely uncomfortable
and awkward.

songs after songs
I realized my brain was like instructing my body to move
my hips to shake
I am like Indians who got rhythm in them
and I never learn dancing before
even if my dancing is bad,
who caresssss!!

* Now *
I have a friend who enjoys clubbing
even more than me
he brought me to club twice this semester
and last night
he brought along a new girl


Good luck to him
because I think they both can be a nice couple.
And for the rest of us,
time to have fun after Final Year Project seminar...

Anyway, thanks Siu Ying
for her comments about her experience clubbing with me.
and after 2 years,
I am still innocent and naive (I think)
just a 'little bit' more enjoying life!

Last but not least,
a sexy kiss for all my readers
ha ha ha!

Another 5 more lecture weeks
1 week of study week
and then finals
Hope my remaining time in UTP can be exciting and sexy
just like yesterday!
Well, not only clubbing that makes life sexy and exciting
don't get me wrong =)

I am so going to miss all my UTP friends
and now I am already missing my high school friends
Can we club for our first time in Korea? lol


  1. Haha! OMG...first time you talk about me in your blog was during clubbing time?? I am a good girl...huhu...anyways...I like it! hahaha! Really have fun with you guys... =)

  2. yeah yeah...we should do other things also.....=D..muhahaha...

  3. er... ur photo 2 years ago doesnt really look innocent also o. lol. not to mention the photo now. haha.

  4. "LIKE" cy's comment -->short n precise
    shall we give it a try next time? XD

  5. @ Voon: Ha ha, of course u are a good girl, we all are good students of UTP! time i blog about u for something else okay? lol! I had lots of fun with u too, and happy that i brought lots of fun to u guys!

    @ Arun: yeay babe....what else we should do? huhu!

    @ Wei Han: huhu! so what do u think of the pic 2 years ago and the pic now?

    @ CYang: thanks! too bad this time u weren't the first to comment!

    @ Hui Ying: use FB's like feature huh? lol! what u wanna try next time? clubbing with me? I sound and look sweet while singing K but not in the club o...

  6. hahah i not sure....must get together and plans sumthings since we oni have another one solid month left..huhuhuhuhuh...=(

  7. yea...damn fast! only one more month!

  8. enjoy ur life, enjoy everything... with no regret...^^

  9. 2 years ago -> pretend to be angelic.
    now -> sexy devil


  10. Wow, such a change. Keep dancing~

  11. @ Hoock: yea, no regrets! enjoying life, every second of it is the most important thing!

    @ Wei Han: wah....but at least u quote me as sexy devil...okay la! I love it!

    @ Anonymous: ha ha....did i really change much?


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