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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

27-10-2010 Mama & Photo Contest

Well, another 25 minutes left before this IT world photo contest ends..
This is our picture

which we targeted to win
at the very last day
9 hours before the competition ends
our BIGGEST competitor

managed to out-win us 200 votes.

-27-10-2010- 2am
Our pic: 420 LIKES
His pic: 470 LIKES

and now
-27-10-2010- 11.43am
Our pic: 440 LIKES
His pic: 640 LIKES

Want to know how he managed to do that?
Here is the MAIN tip to win this kind of contest
(1) One and only one tip
Go and find people who are in some other contests too
ask them to promote yours while you also have to promote theirs in return =)
Too bad for us,
we were too late to realize it!

Well, this is my first time joining a contest in Facebook
to me it is fun
and exciting.

Here is some tips in promoting and getting people votes
(1) Be polite
(2) Make yourself sounds exciting
(3) Be flirtatious (Words like Muax, Kiss, Hugs can always be used after Thanks)
(4) Don't feel shy to ask friends who have not been contacting for DECADES
you will be surprised that they actually are very friendly
and they would like to chit chat more ~

Another lesson learn:
I and another friend of mine had this idea of
'asking 5 friends of yours to help LIKING the picture
then these 5 friends will ask another 5 friends of theirs to do the same thing
and so on and so son....
the name this tactic (named by another friend of mine)
"The Power of 5"
but this tactic didn't work at all..
because most people will only try instead of guaranteeing you of making it.

Another few pictures that we had taken there:

What is this crazy girl doing?


Last picture
Theme: TVB Drama
Yoke Mun:Dai Kar Che (Gangster lady)
who is so fierce and will chop you into parts if you make her mad.
Yoon Yeh: Dai Gor (Gangster) who lose money in stocks.
Tee: Business man in suit who is horny? Lol...I AM SURE tee will kill me after seeing this.
Mama: Another horny man who is thinking about raping the business man.

That's all about this photo contest.
Even though we lose
we really did have fun in the process of getting votes!


  1. Lol.
    usually i dun help ppl 'like' things.
    but the pictures are really nice. else i wouldnt 'like' it.

  2. nice pic Bong.
    very adorable

  3. @ Wei Han: Thanks for your support for the contest anyway~ our pic definitely stood out...but we didn't know the strategy! sob sob....


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