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Saturday, October 16, 2010

16-10-2010 Mama & Treasure Hunt

This post is requested by some people
who want me to blog about this treasure hunt event.
When there is demand
there must be supply too =)
here it is...

Our team "Bong and friends"

We started this treasure hunt with Aliff's idea:

Aliff : The driver
Ah Yeh: The navigator (since he got GPS)
Arun: The prayer (since he WAS the holiest)
Ah Bong: The seducer

First destination: Tesco at Kampar

45 minutes drive from UTP
find two specific items with the total cost RM 0.82
1st item: white, clean
2nd item: refreshing, tesco choice
--> we got penalty for getting the wrong items.

Next clue:
Riddle me this, riddle me that,
what sort of a place has large hole on large rocks?
Gua Tempurung

15 Minutes drive from Tesco Kampar
find 5 different color rubber band outside the cave...

3rd clue:
a place where our UTP staffs posed for a Raya pic
-bus stop outside UTP-

From there, we started our TULIP
and along the way
we also had to solve questions...
For example,
"Bising yang ganjil diambil, di mana urusan dana boleh dibuat."
Take out the word B-I-S-I-N-G
and its ganjil (0dd) alphabets
Answer: BSN

Evelen in our National Airline. What is it?
Evelen in roman character: XI
National Airline: MAS
Answer: MAXIS

Next station:
We were given a passport

to answer 15 questions all about this Sultan Azlan Shah
but we didn't answer all correctly
so penalty was given to us
and of course,
we utilized the penalty time by taking GREAT pics

Last station,
we went to a place
to draw some ugly corak designed by the committee on this thingy

and also answered some stupid riddles
and then
we headed back to UTP
Some of my friends said that we didn't win because we took too many pictures
the fact is
we only took 36 pictures in 6 hours!
that's very little actually...

Whatever it is
I had so much fun with my friends~
Thanks for asking me to join this race with u guys.
That's all about the SEXY treasure hunt


  1. lol! i laughed out when i saw ur role in the team. seducer! LOL
    who took the first picture? it was very nice.

  2. @ wei han: the rest not nice la?
    sob sob....
    aleap's friend took it, i cant remember who...


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