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Monday, December 6, 2010

07-12-2010 Mama is no longer a gossip girl

Why am I no longer a gossip girl?

(1) To Xiao Min, Mei Le, Aleap Omar and Yoon Yeh
and also others...

I started this blog with the inspiration of becoming a gossip girl
or gossip mama
just like the gossip girl
in the English series "Gossip Girl"

My first post of XOXO was way back in 2009
when I saw a friend of mine
Abang Azri who was in someone's else room
and I immediately had this idea of sending xoxo text message
to another Gossip girl fans Thian Mei Fang

something just happened to me last week
and proved to me that I am no longer eligible to be a gossip girl.
Since the new trend of Gossip Girl is using video clip instead of picture message
I was trying to capture a spotted scene using my phone
and suddenly
this 'subject' sort of realized something...
After that,
I checked my phone
and I realized

the light at the back was flashing when I took the video..
Damn it! shame on me...
That's why I am not qualified to be Gossip Girl anymore.

The second reason
is because
I am now the subject in gossip girl.
I have junior Teoh Chia Yang
who texted me when he saw me taking picture in UTP
or even...
shopping in KLCC
(that's really scary)
and also other friends who spotted me
and texted me.

Life is really hard when you are in the spotlight.
Everyone talks about you
gossips about you

No matter what you do, where you go
you have no privacy at all!
Paparazzi are all over you!!!!!
(I was just kidding, I am not that BIG!) lol

I think I still enjoy being a gossip girl
despite of the most stupid mistake on earth
which no one will ever make.
Just ended my University life last week actually.
Now I am back to Sg Petani, Kedah.
Take care my friends
because mama has more interesting stories coming up next.



  1. uh-oh~ welcome to the reality, hahaha

  2. and my name appears here...=D

  3. @ Marilyn: whats the reality here? lol

    @ CYang: ha ha ha...well u are the only junior that do that to me!


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