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Friday, December 17, 2010

18-12-2010 You want it dark, I want it fair

Went down KL 3 days ago
and finally met up with a friend of another friend.
Both are from Amsterdam, Holland.
Suddenly this new friend of mine
reminded me of a question that I always question myself
Should I go with what others want me to be?
should I go with what I want myself to be?

Option (1)
Most caucasian friends that I have met told me in person that
they like me with darker skin
that will make me more asian-like
and they think tan skin looks good~
and sexy too!

I myself and other asian friends
prefer fairer skin.
Whenever I got back from trip
I feel so bad looking at myself in the mirror
because of the tan that I have got...
We Chinese believe that fairness can make one looks better.
Direct translation is "One degree of fairness can cover up three degree of ugliness"

what should I do?
Fair or dark?
Oh gosh! I hate dilemma!!!
Can anyone tell Mama please?



  1. I don't really agree with the chinese saying "One degree of fairness can cover up three degree of ugliness"

    Tan/dark skin can cover up lots of "cacatness" like scar or pimple haha

    But still.. Being fair, I vote for fairness!

    I used to wanna get tan but now, being fair is awesome!

  2. fair + dark = (in the middle is) brown.
    vote for brown.

  3. @ Chang Hua: wkakkaka...Actually i also don't completely agree....especially for my skin now, seriously need some tan to cover up cacatness! lol
    But dont know why, feel like having some tan on my face makes my features...look 'blurry' one..especially my eyes and lips not standing out anymore!

    @ Cyang: my dark is brown dy la...i dont wanna get "ne ne" kind of dark also!

  4. Just be yourself lor...

    But for me, i think for those who are "man" look, tan nicer. for those who are "cute" looking, fair nicer... ^^

  5. @ Shwu Fei: I also wish to 顺其自然, but how about those whitening cream? lol~

    @ CYang: Ne ne means Ah Pu ne ne =) (Indian)

    @ 色盲画家: Then...I am not very manly looking or cute looking ar? lol~

  6. i know i know, red is the best! coz i like red the most, if u get red skin then i will like u the most XD

  7. @ Hui Ying: My skin now is pretty red dy wor...may be after i drink some beers, then u will like me more~

    @ Chee Hau: ha ha~ now i know your taste =)

  8. aiya easy...bong..dun do anything..if ur skin wanna be will be..if it wanna be will be apa apa pun tak payah buat~ hahahahha :P (pemalas de pemikiran)

  9. @ Chee Hau: ha ha~ now i know your taste =)

    i vote for u, not my taste....ok

  10. Fair skinned Chinese are more sexy... but those whitening creams don't help at all, my bf who is a make up artist told me... just wasting money...

  11. @ Cally: wah..u memang pemalas like Well if i have the determination, I can do it...(pandai cakap je) lol

    @ Chee Hau: Thanks then! lol

    @ Alfredo: i see...nevermind then...let me finish up those creams and i wont buy anymore. lol~

  12. be yourself! hahaha. If i ever have to choose, i think you are just fine being in between dark and fair =)

  13. Thanks eddy.....I think i will just let it be...
    finish up the whitening cream and dont waste them...
    wont buy any in future too~ lol~


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