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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

23-12-2010 LOVE again

Hello readers
this will be the last post in year 2010.
I have a lot of things in my mind that I would like to share it here
but since this is the last post,
there is no better way of ending this year with the post of

Write it with my LOVE to you guys
Write about my opinion about LOVE
& my LOVE

(1) My opinion about LOVE
What do I understand from LOVE?
It is something that
you know it when you are in love with someone
but you can never find the reasons why you are in love with that person
because LOVE is a feeling that is indescribable.
It is not something rational anymore because you only follow your hearts
and not your brains

However, love can be divided into two main categories.
Love that can be developed and cannot be developed
and that's something rational
something that your brain can tell you.
Recently there was a Malaysian guy committed suicide because of LOVE...
To me this is totally ridiculous
there is so many other LOVES on this earth
family LOVE
friends LOVE...
why should we give up on life just because of love that has no future
and not worth it...

In short,
Falling in love with someone is something uncontrollable
but being not to love someone and moving on are definitely controllable..
It is all about mental =)

(2) My relationship kind of Love
I only had one relationship in past
That was ... pretty much a disaster I think.
but thank to that relationship
I learn a lot and became the person who I am now.
The weird thing about my love is
I always get myself involved with people that are already in relationship.
As a normal human being,
I do feel upset for a short while
but they are "Love that cannot be developed"
(as I have mentioned above)
So, I tried my hardest to control those feelings
and lucky enough, I did manage to do that.
Another kind of LOVE that I have is
love towards someone who is single and available
I think or I am sure that
it will have no future between us
and therefore, I keep it in current friendship kind of state.
This kind of LOVE ..I don't want it to be ruined
because I know it won't flourish.

LOVE that happened in my university life also taught me one new thing
which I never thought of in high school.
my LOVE now is wide open for both genders.
Thanks to the attention that given by the guys in my uni
and some outside of uni, lol~
I realized that LOVE has no boundary
for my case,
if he truly love me, why should I bother whether is a he or she?
Yes, the sex would be definitely different
but the most important thing is
you get someone who is genuinely in love with you, care about you.
That's greater than someone who gives you best sex
but when u are in trouble,
he or she just leave you.
Anyway, love is still depending on both sides
You can find someone who give his or her 100% to you
but if you cant give your 100% back,
please do tell that person,
be fair to him or her.
I believe God has decided for each and everyone of us.
There is alway a match for everyone and
don't ever give up in seeking for TRUE LOVE.

That's all about LOVE
with LOVE,
I would like to wish all my readers
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

I will only be back in January
Leaving SP tomorrow for

and the most exciting one

So, I will see you guys soon


  1. Like. :) taiwan, here we come!

  2. Love~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


  3. @ Mei Le: Yes Yes Yes...that would be so so fun!!!

    @ 色盲画家: Yes, with Love...thanks for your wish =) any plan for christmas or new year?


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