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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

10-02-2011 Mama & His Already Spread News

originally I plan to announce this
after I settle down at the new place where I am going to work

seems like some of my "trusted" close friends
already spread the news for me.
So, I just announce it officially here

*What is my job & Where will I work*

The most common question
that my friends asked me after I informed them about this
"Are you happy or sad?"
I is Kerteh!
but to be honest,
this is what I sorta requested when I attended the Chit-chat session.
My preferred choices would be Miri, Bintulu..
which I think the living costs wouldn't be that lower compared to KL
and therefore, I can save money there too.
But too bad,
I know myself tooooo well
I can't save even a penny if there is

So...the answer is I am quite happy with the place they send me to
I am a bit sad because...
I received the letter on 8th and

I am leaving my home around 14th!
The schedule is so so tight!

Here is my schedule for now:
16th Feb : PIPE training at Bangi
2nd Mac: Reporting duty at KLCC
then PGB will decide when to send me to Kerteh
That's all about the news...



  1. kerteh no cinema and karaoke right?

  2. yes yes...thats why...i MUST control myself more wasting money on entertainment!

  3. maybe kerteh got wayang kulit..would u waste ur money on wayang kulit?

  4. ... kerteh got cinema k!
    Karaoke also got, just that, will sexymama manage to find teman?

    *smack mei le's head*
    kerteh not so kampung till still using wayang kulit k. T_T

  5. LOL ma, i agree with ur fren leh. u can have new experience on wayang kulit, mayb u will fall in love with it XD
    good luck anyway, take care there

  6. Haha...
    Hope you get the best choice out of all and enjoy the new work yo =)

  7. @ Mei Le: thats...really....interesting! lol
    i rather go fishing also wont go watch wayang kulit!

    @ Eddy: serious or not? sing K watch movie no need teman one..i can do that alone! OMG...u already make me started thinking it!!!! damn damn way i will waste my money on these two anymore!

    @ Anderson: my blog comment section become another buzz dy huh? lol!

    @ Daughter: ha ha ha! Thankss...i will take care...and visit u guys when I am free!

  8. i didnt ask whether u feel happy or sad eh..
    and i gladly admit i am one of the news spreader~~ haha.. unintentionally.
    no one knows it is supposed to be a secret ma~

  9. ha ha ha! Wei Han..honestly it wasn't u that i was addressing! But nvm la..i realized this post makes many people 对号入座!

  10. Congrats on the Job! All the best to you!

  11. Thanks anyway EffExx...even though i have no idea who u are..

  12. dun work ald....go buka kedai cinema + karaoke in kerteh....become the big boss.

  13. lol, kerteh got starbuck aaa....

  14. @ Gamma: next time use this name...sure i know is u! this idea not bad...i will think about it..if the government there allows me to!

    @ Jia haur: thanks o, first time commenting my blog...but i wont spend money on starbuck also...wkakak..control myself!


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