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Thursday, February 17, 2011

17-02-2011 Mama & His Fashion

I wasn't supposed to update anything during these 14 days
because I should be super busy and tired with my training camp.
due to load of requests from my readers that
they wanna read something new
and interesting
(I guess their lives are pretty boring)
and also
a few friends of mine
had commented on this particular topic.
So I decided to write a post
"Mama & His Fashion"!

The most recent one should be the korean style shirts that I have bought from Taiwan
But so far I have only wore two:

Next is about what I wore for my Taiwan trip.
A few people personally told me that
what I wore throughout the whole trip was really nice
and fashionable..
So, I am sharing it here!

Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
and Day 10!

Have to specially thank to that knee-length jacket!
I felt super HOT and SEXY wearing it!
(because this is not something you can wear in Malaysia!)
and also
Thanks to ANTM (America's Next Top Model) actually
for providing me the platform to learn about fashion!

gotta go now!
This post is just simply for Joking only..
I am totally clueless about fashion, okay?
Love you all,


  1. hi there! I like your style! I have a brown winter coat this winter as well! So you definitely have good taste ;-)!

  2. duno why, ur day 5 reminds me of Aliff.

    and all ur clothes do look very nice. it shud cost quite a bit, isnt it?

  3. @ Wei Han: ha ha ha..may be because of the pose and the cap thingy of the jacket. actually those clothes are not super expensive kind of whole set normally wouldn't exceed RM 300, from top to bottom. =) wkakak

  4. @ Min Min: my friends want me to say sorry to u girls...for outshining u! hopefully mei fang won't see this...she sure will get mad at my comment! lol

  5. why day 8 picture your leg spread LOL

  6. @ Imran: there anything wrong with my legs spreading? lol..what were u thinking!??!!?/


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