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Monday, February 14, 2011

15-02-2011 Mama & His Reunion + Farewell

Chinese New Year is an occasion that Chinese feel most excited about every year!
and this year
I celebrated it in a very unique way
Reunion and Farewell
all in 15 days!


Smelly Siew Ting

Kok Pei and Ching Yea

Looks like makeup artist and fashion designer calendar?
Love it!

The next day..

Cheng Yong !

From Left: Ching Yea, William, Muah and Jia Lim at my house~


At Karaoke

Me and Hooi Yee

William and Tzu Wei

So, that's the reunion and farewell
in this Chinese New Year!
Bye bye my lovely hometown
and really nice to meet up again with my hometown friends!
When can I see them
and also my UTP friends again?



  1. @ S, Mr/Ms Anonymous: Thanks guys!

    @ Siew Ting: ha ha...i scared u not able to 'pak' me only...come come! welcome to pak me anytime!

  2. You look astonishing, you become more and more handsome and sexy... and you are dressed to kill, just WOW, hehe...


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