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Saturday, April 16, 2011

16-04-2011 Mama & Where he spent his two nights

Hola ~
Someone just asked me to update my blog
Well, I think he just wanna see me
mentioning his name here~
here it is...

- Thursday night -
Nothing's gonna change my love for you~

and as usual,
HUGs and Kisses

First time playing Microsoft Kinect
As you can see, we were the sucky
but fabulous Player 1 and Athlete 2

Raise your hand above your head please~

and suddenly
popped out the surprise!
I think I do look very shocked in this picture~

Just realized in this pic that
I was almost tearing up~

Thai style making wish? Lol~

With Yoke Mun
(From left to right)
-Beauty and the beast-

Yuan Wen


Amy Jie

Ping Ping

Jui Boon

and lastly, the sexiest duo poser

Mama & Chang Hua!
Group Picture...


- Friday night -

Met up with my junior hangout gang
or I shall say "Sing K" gang
Thanks to this place...
I had two fun nights...
With Hui Ying

Jia Liang

see how bad he is?
Posed like that while I was trying hard
to make this pic looks nice

and nevertheless, Chia Yang!

and of course...

Mama went back to his university to visit his friends...
some only managed to say hi..
because I didn't have much time there actually
But I did spend 8 hours in total
4 hours each night at this place

Singing K and eating Oldtown food
because we were given RM 10 Oldtown voucher per person!

ended my visit with very nice Tronoh Breakfast

The people and the food

and saying goodbye to Tee Ping Hong~

Driving back home to Kerteh
Almost 6 hours journey...

Will not spend my weekend at Kerteh again this week
wanna know where am I going?
stay tuned


  1. Was that a bulge while you were hugging that beast? Hehe

  2. You are definitely very observant kind of person :)

  3. lol.. seem fun there! but... u didnt ask me out! haha..

  4. i dont know o....ask tee why he didnt ask u lo...wkakakak!

  5. u look soooo skinny~ especially the pic u took wiv ur bday cake~ ur face look so 尖~

  6. @ wendy: ha ha ha...ur main concern about me is whether I look fat or skinny huh? Lol! u know...even now I also dont dare to drink teh o or teh dy even they are served free for breakfast! coz scared will take too much sugar!

  7. Nice to meet you at Onn Huat ^_^

    And the place u went to have breakfast, I had been there before ^.^ keke~~

    All the Best to you ^.<

  8. ha ha...finally managed to talk to u in person~ kinda funny though...
    anyway...i know u 4 flowers's impression of me is 'mama' dy...couldn't change that image already i guess...thanks to Goh Yoke Mun..wkakak!
    ANyway, that place was one of my favorite breakfast place while studying in UTP...

  9. We r not four flowers =.=
    May I know who give this nick?have to korek out before I graduate!!!

  10. four flowers sounds much better than four piggys dy..u know who are four piggys right?


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