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Thursday, April 21, 2011

22-04-2011 Mama & Someone's request on his birthday

Happy Birthday to me...
Happy Birthday to me...
Happy Birthday to me.....
Happy Birthday to meeeee.....
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today is my birthday
still my birthday~
since there are another 10 hours left...
I will only blog about my overall birthday in the next post

But today I received a special request from my
self claimed loyal fans

to delete my previous post
**Reason : too disgusting**

SO I have to post something new...
since I don't feel like removing that fantastic post~ wkakak

Actually I got back home yesterday morning around 4am
Drove from Kerteh to Dungun

and took a bus from Dungun at 8pm
back to Sg Petani

What had I done so far?
-Cutting my messy hair-
Looks like a ghost right?
That's the kind of lighting I was trying to achieve!
and after?

You guys will see it in the next post~
Bye for now

(PS: Because of her request, I have written my most meaningless post ever)


  1. You still look cute even if you were a ghost.

  2. LOLLLL~ paiseh neh~ my "honour" to show my face in ur blog :D

  3. @ S: ha ha ha....i take that as a compliment...a cute ghost :)

    @ 色盲画家: Thanks thanks..but sexy is not my name o...

    @ Wendy: ha ha ha...coz i promised would try my best to put pics for whoever that appear in my that the readers can match the 'look' with the words that i write in my blog...

  4. lol. it does look like a ghost. haha. a friendly ghost.

  5. @ Wei Han: wkakaka...friendly ghost still sounds okay...wkakak! I will haunt u!!!!!!!!!11

  6. Happy belated birthday ah bong! i'm 2 days late huhu..hope u dun mind. and wendy looks so sweet with the cake she baked (specially for u?). aren't u blessed? haha!

  7. come haunt me! :D
    i dun mind making frens with frenly ghost.

  8. @ Mei Le: ha ha ha..just one day late...well, wendy didn't bake it for me...may be I shall ask from her now..good idea Mei Le!

    @ Wei Han: wkakak....good good...dont be scared o...


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