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Saturday, November 19, 2011

19-11-2011 Mama & Perth Chapter 3

First of all,
I would like to welcome one of my best friends
WENDIE for returning back to Malaysia
and a very big thank to her
because she does read my blog 
even though she is sorta busy!!

As promised to her,
I would try to blog all I have done in Perth
before she leaves Malaysia again!

So here comes

-DAY 4-

My breakfast

It is called Lamington
One of the local Aussie food

Waiting for bus

I love the bus stop there..
all looked so clean and nice

Walked a bit at the city before 
I went to the underground train station

 Took Transperth to the beach
and you have to press on this button
for the door to open

(unlike Malaysia's LRT they open automatically)
So don't just stand in front of the door 
and expect it will open for u!

At Scarborough Beach

The wind was super strong
but at least it was still sunny~

The beach was actually patrolled 

 Passed by Claremont

At Swanborne Beach

Suddenly the weather changed into very bad!
The sky turned dark!
I had to find a place to shelter myself

At the clothing optional beach
(about 100m north of Swanborne)

Why did I not pose in nude?
Damn it was so windy and cold!
stay tune the follow chapters 
and you might see it there!

I did wanna take some fierce pictures in the bushes

Well you see the kangaroo statues in Day-3 Post
Now you see the real one!

At Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park 
The baby kangaroo is inside the pouch!

I got very tan after coming back from the beach

Before we left the park,
wait a second
what the hell are they two doing???
you are caught!

the dinner that I prepared for my host and myself
Creamy cheese Spaghetti
Too bad I put too little cheese in it 
but It was my first attempt :)



  1. LOL~~~ to tell u ive visited u dy ma :P

  2. LOL~ ok i know wat to write next time :P

    Ur blue shirt very nice oh~~ but y tat slipper? LOL

  3. Well thats Australia!! Over protecting, warning signs everywhere and most important... swim between the flags altough nobody would go for a swim in this heavy wind on the beach. Watch out for the food, its to much and to fatt.....

  4. ha ha! interesting. but look at the bright side it is actually good :) I love being over protected, in certain things :)

  5. i like your photos posture..
    teach me how to pose next time. haha

  6. huh? i am well known as bad posture one i din pose in those photos oso...all candid...which pic seems like a pose to u? lol~

  7. i love your pics. especially kangaroo and those bird ... =D nice blog ...

  8. Thanks Leo :)
    well the nature there is really inspiring!

  9. wheres ur pic with sexy beachgirl?

  10. ha! that one too sexy dy...cannot post here :)