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Monday, August 1, 2011

01-08-2011 Mama & His Real Jakarta Post

after posting a 'misleading' post about where I visited
(Sorry Ah Qing~)
now here comes the real post about my last 2 weeks trip to
In order to make this post less boring and simpler,
I will just highlight 5 things about Jakarta that I would like to share..

(1) The Food
-Nasi Uduk-
-Nasi Padang-
-Bak Moi-

Means Chicken porridge in Hokkien
They do call it Bak Moi
and I realized they 'import' a lot of Hokkien words in their food names
-Mee Ayam aka Chicken noddle-

(2) My host in Jakarta
and he cooked for me Adobo (Filipino dish)
Thanks a lot Worley!

(3) Transportation
-Motorbike service (Just like Bangkok) aka Ojek-

Even though Jakarta is the biggest city in south east asia
but they do not have railway or LRT system.
What they have is a bus-way system

which is railway-like but using Bus as the medium of transport
People waiting at the platform

(4) People and Culture
-Its bazaar-

-I don't know what's going on too-
People could just take photos with them for free

-Jakarta crazy traffic-


I also tried out Karaoke in Jakarta

According to wikitravel, it is a must try activity in Jakarta
Thanks to Worley for bring me there~

(5) Place of interest that I have visited
-National Monument/Monumen Nasional(Monas)-

And finally I understand why I saw so many 'overly huge' penis statues
or toys..
or whatever when I visited Bali last year.
It actually symbolizes the power as men...
or something like that...
ha ha~
Couldn't really remember...

-Old Jakarta City (Kota Lama)-
Full of talented artists

-Pekan Baru-
When I was taking this picture,

An Indonesian lady suddenly approached me
and asked to take a photo with me
After seeing the first picture,
"Wow...handsome, nak satu lagi! ( I want one more)"

-Art Gallery-
-Plaze Senayan-
A shopping mall that we went purposely to see this
Last but not least,
not to forget also the Cathedral Church that I have visited
-Click here if you haven't seen it-

That's all this beautiful city~
I love you Jakarta
Its day look..
Its night look...


  1. Why did you go Jakarta?
    and you didn't invite me!
    Ha ha ha!

  2. Dit Stadhuis is na het afbreken van het oude begonnen den 25 januari Anno 1707 onder regeering van Joan van Hoorn.
    En volbouwt onder Regeeringe van den heere gouverneur generaal Abraham van Riebeek den 10 july Anno 1710.

    The building of this city hall started after demolish the old city hall at 25 Januar 1707 under gouvernment of Joan van Hoorn and was finished under gouvernment of sir governor general Abraham van Riebeek at 10 July 1710

    I did meet even young people that still did speak Dutch after all those years.

  3. Did not know they had high heels in your size :-)

  4. Bong, I just realised you look like Oliver in some pics. The oliver from sabah, our batch de.

  5. @ Anonymous: When u speak in dutch, i know who u are already...Anyway, I know Bahasa..thats why i can speak with those indonesian using bahasa and no need to use Dutch :)

    By the way, that high heel is not for me! Ha ha ha

    @ AH Qing: ha ha ha...u very slow lo...our batchmates got a few said I look like him also...especially when my hair is short...
    is it a good thing or bad thing to look alike?

  6. interesting journey!!!! si kaya :p

  7. ish....told u dy i am not 'kaya'. but if u mean i am as sweet as kaya jam to u , then yes la...yeay~ I am little Si Sweet sweet Kaya~

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