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Sunday, March 6, 2011

06-03-2011 Mama & His new chapter

before Mama is going to busy with
watching Glee, Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl
Amazing race, America's Next Top Model and Survivor
I am going to update all my beloved readers
on my new chapter of life...

As you all know, I am now a working adult
and have already moved to a new place called Kerteh, Terengganu.
After reported duty in KLCC

Taking picture in the suite that they provided to me

I drove to Kerteh alone...

My second hand "NEW" car

After getting my new room confirmed,
I spent the rest of my day on the beach

Test shot


emo..Missing all my friendsssss

walking on the beach

and flying in the air!

Then went to the swimming pool
and of course...

a nice bubble bath
(looks a bit eerie though, that's the emotion I wanna portray)!!!

The next day,
did some shopping at Mesra Mall

furniture mostly
and started my cleaning mission!



Couldn't find a furniture shop where I can get GOOD single bed mattress..
Pity! BUT Luckily I can just easily sleep on anything !

That's all for what I have done for the past 1 week =)
Tomorrow starts the first day of my real work.
Hopefully everything goes well.


  1. wow, finally start working...
    good luck to u~~!!!

  2. nice post!!!!! ^_^ i love ur bubble bath pic~ haha!
    All the best in ur official 1st day of work tml >.<

  3. aiks...not sure u are Amy Goh or Amy BIS =)
    nevermind. Thanks anyway!!!!

  4. eh eh, how did u take those pics alone, the bubble bath,and those pics at beach~ horrr~ u got ehem ehem liaw?

  5. May you have a Good Start ^.<

  6. @ Wendie: ish ish...what ahem ahem wor...
    lol! use timer lo..wkakak...ask the kids help me take pictures lo!

    @ Shwu Fei: Thanks Thanks!

  7. looks like home already Bong


  8. u drove alone so u camwhore while u're driving???

  9. @ Martyn: is my home now

    @ Siew Ting: ha ha....just one pic..not camwhore all the way while driving one! thats dangerous!

  10. Hey Bong. What a happening life you had!! WIsh you al lthe best towards your journey with Petronas ya!! Keep your blog update all the time, I'm your fan!! lol =P

  11. @ Jia Lim: yours also coming soon! dont worry

    @ Anonymous: Thanks for your 'support'...well, it is always up to us to make our own lives happening :)

  12. I wonder who help you to take the bath tub photo.

  13. why u all sooooo curious? swt swt

  14. wow wow..
    new beginning~
    exciting it seems.

  15. hehe...beginning always exciting one!
    so how u gonna retain that excitement for another 5 years at the same place...thats more challenging!
    (wah..even i myself also wanna like my own philosophy dy)

  16. lol, it is so visible...this bathtub pic is nicer, more intensity! :D
    Anyway, nice house, it's very homely, you can get married and settle down there ady :P

  17. haha... bong bong memang enjoying life yo =)

  18. @ wen: hehe...this one was 'alive' and the one at facebook was 'dead' wkakak! I dont wanna settle down here....wkakaka! but who knows what will happen right? hiak hiak

    @ anonymous: I long time couldnt find out who is anonymous dy...but this one from the way u wrote i already knew who u are!!!! wkakka


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