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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

13-01-2011 Bye bye Taiwan (Part 2 - Final)

Welcome back to my Taiwan trip post.
Now is Part 2 and I have 5 more sexy stuffs about this trip
that I am going to share with you guys!

(6) Sexy Hot Cold Countdown ( 8 degree)
For the pass years,
I celebrated my new year eve at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
Well, those are not that bad actually~
But this year,
it was at Taipei 101!

The fireworks were fantastic!

and also not to forget

Hot Concert~
Those were awesome!!!
except we had to walk for a few kilometers to
the MRT station to get back to our home~.

(7) Sexy Shopping
Besides those nice cookies and food that I bought
the highlights of my shopping is definitely
Wu Fen Pu 五分埔
I bought Korean style clothes that...
i don't even think i can wear and go out for meeting friends!

The thing I love the most
New bag!

Can carry it in 3 different ways..


(8) Sexy Accommodation
Why is it sexy?
Well, I wasn't the one who arranged for all accommodation.
But I had to say
Xiao Min and Mei Fang really did a wonderful job~
The prices were not expensive
and the rooms were great!

at TaiChung 台中

at KaohSiung 高雄

at Sun Moon Lake 日月潭

(9) Sexy Toilet
Well, this is a special thing that the girls didn't know.
I found it quite 'interesting' when I landed in Taiwan
and used its toilet for the first time.
But it seemed like all man toilets were 'decorated' with something like that.
Translation: "If you shoot it 'persistently', you score 100% "
"If you shoot it outside, you score 0%"
This is just one of them.
Others also displayed something like
"I know you shoot well, but please come closer~"
"Please shoot right on my face~" ( there is a cute little frog cartoon on it)

(10) Sexy Sweet Travel Mates
how could I not mention
the lovely travel mates?
Highlight of each and one of them:
Mei Fang:
Ms. spending 1000 New Taiwan
(RM 106.60) on "Jelly" Diva
Too bad i forgot to take a pic of her jelly~

Mei Le:
Ms. I love flowers and I drop my stuffs wherever I go blurry queen

Her scarf was dropped ~

Xiao Min:
Ms. accident queen especially on her foot that hates candid pic!
Actually you are photogenic
don't worry about candid pics okay? lol
(Purposely chose a candid shot of yours to share here)


This ends my Taiwan trip review.
-10 things that I love about Taiwan and this trip-
Sorry girls, I like to pose to high fashion while u all wanna pose cute and happy!

The Taiwan Trip facebook album is here.



  1. First to comment. btw, dun un the toilet part.

  2. aduh...u are tooo fast dy! havent finished editing!

  3. Did my new blog's name give u some inspirations to startup yr post? The 1st 2 words is exactly same.. wahaha..

  4. Hello anonymous...i know who u are by the way! lol~

  5. y cant wear those shirts to meet frens wo...ok wat

  6. scared it is too!
    later u and jia lim plus pek kee say i SSSSS again!

  7. wat la, do i look like tis kind of person!? i only say will SSS lo (note it's 3S), wakakaka

    P/S: i din comment on ppl clothing one lo, for me wear nice nothing wrong also

  8. @ Wei Han; whatever thing also can bcome nice due to my presence one! lol

    @ Siew Ting: ya la...SSS. never knew that u wont comment on people clothings, i thought it is something common for everyone~ lol

  9. not first time visiting your blog.. but first time commenting on your post.. i have to admit, your Taiwan trip reviews are definitely very interesting ^^

  10. Peow...thanks for your comment, almost cried after seeing it. make me feel blog is not all crappy stuffs for the first time~

  11. with your presence, it wil be nice?
    lol. really?
    i don't recall i was very happy when i took my CF exam paper with u last time.

  12. ha ha ha....thats why u cant recall..because u and i were in diff class! lol~

  13. lol, love this post and your narration, ah bong.

  14. lol, love this post and your narration about mei le, ah bong.

  15. ha ha ha! Thanks Mei Fang..(U purposely wanna make Mei Le angry huh?) Lol~


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