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Monday, April 16, 2012

16-04-2012 Bong & His Home 5 ( Curry puff making)

After more than 2 months,
finally I had a chance to go back to my hometown,

Eating curry puff in Terengganu made me missed 
my grandma's homemade curry puff so much...
That's why before I went back this time...
I asked her to make them for me
and wait for me to come home...
Of course, 
good grandson like me does not only eat.
I did help out my grandma too~
Previously I only helped to wrap the curry puff
but this time around...
I made the skin too!!
 This is how you make the swirls!
Fry them...
There you go!
Grandma's Curry Puff!!!

It was GREAT to be home..
and I love cooking..

Whoever that wants a man that can cook...
Email me your resume!



  1. !!! i want eatttt!!! ahhh i love curry puff !!! hahas. how are u bong bong XD! how's life uh? =x hehes long time no chat. nxt time u come kl we go out yum cha oh ~ XD

    1. i am good...and how about u?
      yes definitely long time no chat already~
      u still working at the same place? lol


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