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Thursday, September 20, 2012

20-09-2012 Bong & Phuket Part 4 (the 200th Post)

Early in the morning, 
looked at this flyer
and decided 
:what to do for that evening~ 
But first, 
had to look for lunch first..
Since I didn't try out the 'recommended food' by my friends
in my last visit to Bangkok
Finally I had a chance to try the pork burger out
since my friend wanna eat McD
What's this?
We have red chili sauce in Malaysia McD
but in Thailand, 
they serve
-Thai Chili Sauce-
which is a'ish~
After a heavy lunch,
walked a bit around Jungceylon Mall
A massage shop in the middle of the mall...
and never to showcase Thailand's icon in the mall too
On the way back to hotel...
May be tonight could pay a visit to something like this?
Hiak~ Hiak~
What a big gay flag!
Wait a sec..
haven't tried another famous local food!
Sticky rice with Mango!!!
Yum Yum~
Finally the evening has came
and time to visit the famous Phuket Fantasea
The whole place was full with adorable cartoons~
Cute right? huhu
Look up!
Did you see what's up there???
I bet you didn't see a thing..
Look carefully!


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