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Saturday, September 29, 2012

29-09-2012 Bong & Phuket Part 6 (Goodbye - Final post)

After watching the show,
when we came out 
the sky turned dark already 
The buildings looked even more amazing with 
the nice lightings...
See these cute little golden fishes?
and one of them were yawning~
cute huh??
The place looked really amazing 
After watching the show
and visiting around the place for a bit
Time to feed the empty stomach now!!!
Another recommended restaurant
Food was nice
Price were cheap :)
The seafood was really fresh!
For the last night
time to watch some shows of course~
The shows were not just inside the club
but also outside, 
to attract customers~
The trip ended with a special offer to visit the club owner's house
and here was his cute little dog~
Good night
and goodbye



  1. Now I am really hungry, and excited to know that such places exist!.

    1. well, sharing is caring. glad that you know now :)


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