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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

11-02-2014 Bong & His Korea Sixteenth Post (When you found our way)

After visiting Trick Eye Musuem,
we decided to walk to our next stop 
Seongeup Folk Village
Since it is just about 1 KM away
We followed the road sign
there was no sign of direction anymore
We were lost!
We went in a shop nearby
and asked for direction...
the area where we were~
was actually the village!

Yeah.. finally we saw this little sign too~
We were at the right place!
You could find some old age things in this traditional village..
We were the only visitors there..
and it was raining a bit too at that time
So, we seemed pretty pitiful!
we heard some other sounds...
and found out
another alive species in this village besides us~
After taking few pictures of the folk village,
we decided to rush home
because three of us were feeling so damn hungry!!!

To be continued..


  1. These are fabulous pictures and so interesting to see this folk village, it is nice to see through your eyes, not having been there, now I want to go one day when I am young. LOL


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