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Friday, February 21, 2014

21-02-2014 Bong & His Stockholm Trip Part 1

Departed 8.30am from Oslo
with SJ train..
traveled all the way to Stockholm.
Electric plug is necessary for travelers nowadays
who use smartphones, iPad, tablet etc :) 
 After almost 6 hours of journey,
we finally arrived at Stockholm!
*The capital of Scandinavian*
 Came out from Central Station
the weather was okay~
 Then started walking to our hostel
All I can say is..
it is definitely a much more beautiful city,
as compared to Oslo 
 We were going towards the direction of Gamle Stan
That's where we were supposed to stay for the whole trip
Not sure what is that though..
But many people was taking picture there
 The gate to Gamla Stan!
 Gay friendly city as well?
Where we stayed is kinda near to this place
Stockholm Ghost Walk
I will never pay 100 kroner just to scare myself out 
traumatized for 1 hour inside there!
 Finally we reached this place
 Nice old stair case~
and this hostel is 

To be continued..



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