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Friday, February 14, 2014

15-02-2014 Bong & His Korea Seventeenth Post (When we found our food!)

Living very near to this famous street~
"Black Pork Street"
Would never ever forget
this very cute waiter
because he couldn't speak in English with us~
and he laughed at me while i said 
"han ku go bu te yo~"
(Anyone understands what it is?)
I miss the variety of side dishes!
Mr Bong's favorite
Yummy yummy yummy
Highly recommended this restaurant
The next morning
we visited a place which is most girls' dreams~
The Teddy Bear Museum!
CFC with the marriage couple teddy bear
They looked kinda sad though~ lol
It was hard for us to take pictures at first
because of the reflection by the glass~
Teddy bear history~

To be continued..

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