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Friday, June 5, 2015

05-06-2015 Bong & His Trip to Trondheim Part 8 (From Nidelva‬ to Nidaros Cathedral)

No matter if it was 
the evening of Nidelva~
or the morning of Nivelda..
it was just simply beautiful!
The water looked like a mirror..
reflecting the old buildings along the river~
It was super quiet in the early morning...
Kinda miss those quiet morning...
when there was only sound of birds chirping~
Well, it was Easter holiday
So, it wasn't that many people in the town~
Along our way to Nidaros Catheral...
we could feel that even the city central was super quiet
like a dead city!
Oh My jesus~
After a short 15 minutes walking trip,
we reached the very famous Nidaros Catheral~
Of course,
its front view is way more important 
and beautiful than all its sides I think~
Built over the burial site of Saint Olav
(The king of Norway in the 11th century),
it is the northernmost medieval cathedral in the world~
Recognize the two most right sculptures?
All sculptures have their own stories..
like this one at the base.
It was actually a woman in labor,
which represents the work of Dorothea Fischer's wife,
as her husband suffered from the phobia of height~
To be continued...


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