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Saturday, June 27, 2015

27-06-2015 Bong & His Summer Holiday (On our way to the North - Part 1)

We started our summer holiday
driving from Oslo
Passing through civilization
We had our first stop..
or more like small break at 
somewhere at Hedmark~
That was after 2.5 hours of drive.....
Then at the 5th hour of the journey,
we stopped again for a longer break and; packed dinner
at South of Trondheim~
(Where I celebrated my Easter Break)
After the break and quick dinner,
we continued our journey...
Until we stopped again
for another small break
at Steinkjer~
Then the journey continued again
until we had another stop
just for photo taking 
at this
"Welcome to North of Norway"
At that time,
it was already over 12 midnight by the way~
And the sky was still bright!
As you could see from the pictures,
along the way the views were just
Because the hotel was too expensive
just for a few hours sleep
(Around 1000 Kroner/500 MYR/130 USD)
So we just built up our tent
then slept over night
right beside this not so very quiet road~
There were
still a few cars passed by after midnight....
To be continued....


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