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Friday, June 19, 2015

19-06-2015 Bong & His Trip to Trondheim Part 10 (From walking to eating)

Since we were too early for the lunch,
so we spent some time walking a bit more
in this city~
We walked along the beautiful Nidelva river~
Under the bridge 
that connects the red building
"Studentersamfundet i Trondheim"
(Student Society in Trondheim)
and Nidaros Cathedral~
We also passed by a very famous pub in Trondheim
which was on fire 
and now is closed~
And not to forget,
this building too~
Guess what building it is?
Simple ...old looking building right?
It is actually
where the king stays when he visits Trondheim~
another thing I like about Trondheim is..
it is a student city~
So basically there are a lot of discounts for students...
And not to forget,
buffet that is considered 'cheap' 
(for Norway standard)
We went to this 
"Taste of India" buffet ~
for this price, 
we got like 5 dishes
with rice and naan bread.
Looked like someone was
happy and satisfied with the buffet meal~
After the meal,
the weather turned good~
Rain stopped and the sun came out!
We walked to Nedre Elvehavn
to have something more to drink...
after the eating~

Well you know..
Norwegians like to drink~
This place was looking so nice
with the sun
and the peaceful water that reflected the buildings, boats, etc like a mirror~
To be continued..

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