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Thursday, December 3, 2015

03-12-2015 Bong & His Miss Out Netherlands Post (From Twenthe to Amsterdam)

This painting reminded me of
Desperate Housewives~
not only the exhibitions that were fascinating
but the building itself..
is also a nice place to chill out at~
This is the museum's 
neighborhood ~
The house design is very different 
from Norway style...
Since it is Netherlands,
of course there must be someone cycling right?
And if you think Dutch is easy to read..
by just looking at this sign...
How about this one?
And this is where
we had our conference dinner~
Very good food!
We wanted to see a bit more of Amsterdam
so the next day we took a bus 
leaving Twenthe to Hengelo,
and from Hengelo took a train to Amsterdam!
Just a small city with around 81,000 people living there
see how many bicycles were there? 
(These were just part of them)
and how big the train station is?
On the way in the train 
to Amsterdam,
It was a lot of green...
which reminded me of my hometown in Malaysia~
And of course....
more and more
It took just a short while
and we already arrived at..

To be continued...


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